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    ePi Open #2


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    ePi Open #2 Empty ePi Open #2

    Post  NanManLXG on Wed Apr 11, 2012 7:21 am

    LXG's very own Nemesys will be hosting the ePi Opens starting this Saturday at 6pm EST! I encourage everyone to sign up for this.


    Who can join?

    Anyone with a NA account access is allowed to participate in the ePi

    Whats Going On?
    Open tournament for all players in a 1v1 single elimination format

    When will this take place?

    The 1st ePi Open will take place the 14th of March at 6PM eastern and
    Participants are required to check in 30 minutes prior to starting time

    Map Pool:
    Round of 64 (Bo1): Cloud Kingdom LE
    Round of 32 (Bo1): MLG Shakuras Plateau
    Round of 16 (Bo1): MLG Terminus
    Quarter Finals (Bo3): MLG Taldarim
    Semifinals (Bo3): GSL Metropolis
    Finals (Bo5): GSL Daybreak

    Matches will be casted by NanMan and you can find his stream over

    How do i join the tournament?

    In order to sign up, register for an account here.
    Afterwards, go back to this Tournament thread.
    Scroll down, click the register button, and there, ur set to play!Here

    Admins: Nemesys #694 or NanManLxG #818

    All players are required to check in 30 minutes before starting time otherwise they will not be competing or be put into the bracket.
    You must play the same race the whole tournament.
    Both players have 15 minutes to play the match from the tournament starting time, if not the player who is unable to play they will be disqualified.
    Matches do not have to be casted, and no observers other than streamers are allowed unless allowed by both players.
    Maps can only be played once per series.
    No disrespecting of your opponents and if you do, you will be disqualified.
    If you are suspected of cheating by caster or your opponent the replay will be put under review and we will determine if you should be disqualified or not.
    Scores must be reported to a tournament admins
    (Nemesys #694 or NanManLXG #818)

    Matches will be casted by NanMan and you can find his stream over here.

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