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    LXG Bronze-Gold Open #11


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    LXG Bronze-Gold Open #11 Empty LXG Bronze-Gold Open #11

    Post  PfreshLXG on Wed Apr 18, 2012 12:36 am

    On Tuesday(04/17/12) we will be hosting LXG Bronze-Gold Open #11!

    Sign up using playhem!!/tourney/19567

    The map pool will remain MLG maps.

    1. Map Pool is MLG Maps the current MLG map pool is
    MLG Entombed Valley
    MLG Dual Sight
    MLG Antiga Shipyard
    MLG Metalopolis
    MLG Shakuras Plateau
    MLG Tal’darim
    MLG Daybreak
    GSL Bel’shir Beach (Winter)
    GSL Metropolis
    Ohana RE
    Korhal Compound

    You will be required to play the map on the "Faster" setting. If you play on a different version of the map, or not on the correct game speed you will have to recreate and play the right version.

    2. LXG will select the map that will be played for every round before each tournament starts. In best of 3, 5, or 7 matches, LXG will select round 1 map. The loser for each game, after that, will
    select the next map to be played out of the map pool. NO REPEATS of a map will be played in a best of 3, 5, or 7. Players may only re select a map if they have moved on to a new round. Each player will have the right to one veto per series(excluding best of 1's).
    Check out the brackets over top of each round; you will see what map you need to start on.

    3. You CANNOT switch your race once you’ve played your first Rd. 1 match.

    4. Report all scores to PfreshLXG. If he is not on; report your scores to any other LXG member that isn’t in a game for the tournament.

    5. NO BM! BM will not be accepted, you’ll be warned, if you continue than you will forfeit your game. If you still don’t stop you can expect to be banned from these opens.

    6. There will be NO IN-GAME OBSERVING if you want to watch jump on the stream-

    As always..
    Good Luck and Have Fun!

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