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    Thoughts on Team Development


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    Thoughts on Team Development Empty Thoughts on Team Development

    Post  ProfscLXG on Mon May 14, 2012 10:45 pm

    If the match is going to re-scheduled to a different day, can we set up a practice session today, or before then? As far as "homework" goes, I think everyone expecting to play should develop one all-in and one "standard" build for each MU. I'm just going to post what mine are as an example... but if other people can see this forum, I hope that someone deletes this post. haha

    All In: 1/1/1
    "Standard:" Thorzain Build— 1 Rax FE into +1/Stim/Combat + Dropships into Marine Tank or Bio
    Secondary: Boxer Build

    All In: 2/1/1
    "Standard:" 1 Rax FE into 5 Rax w/ Fast Third
    Secondary: 1 Rax Fe into 3 rax Medivac Timing
    Tertiary: 1 Rax Fe into 4 Rax into Banshee/Thor (harder to pull off with faster obs)

    All In: Forgg Hellion/Banshee into Mech (harder to pull off with increased queen range)
    "Standard:" 2 Rax FE into Fast 1/1 Drop
    Seconday: 1 Rax FE into Mech

    As we get better, I expect that our opening repertoires will also become more extensive, but this is what I will be practicing on the ladder. Obviously there are things to consider like maps, etc., but our "on the fly" decision-making in the last match resulted in a pretty bad loss. To recover, I think we need to give our captain some variability of style. For that reason, I think it'd be cool if one of the Terran players was comfortable with Mech TvZ?

    As for the above, I plan on practicing only the standards and some of the all-ins. I'm dividing my practice time into 85% standard, 10% all-in, and 5% secondary. If you think I should vary that, let me know and I'll adjust accordingly.

    We need people to obviously work on their standards, but we also need people to focus on specific MUs, making them snipers in the event that we run across a particularly strong player.

    Also, I advocate that we set up the team as the following:

    1. First player as a strong starter.
    2a. If starter defeated by standard of another race, play sniper, if not (that is, defeated by cheese, for example).,
    2b. Play a second standard sweeper.
    3a. If sweeper (or sniper) defeated by standard of another race, play sniper, if not,
    3b. Play standard anchor.

    In a team of 12 members, this means that we need a minimum of 3 strong standard players. This also means we should play snipers rarely.

    What makes a standard player a standard player?
    1. Knowledge of all race characteristics.
    2. Is comfortable playing beyond 20 minute mark in all MUs.

    What makes a sniper a sniper?
    1. Extensive knowledge of a single race's characteristics and meta-game: Timings, worker counts at specific stages of the game, unit compositions, common strategies.
    2. Is comfortable playing beyond 20 minute mark against a single race AND has a repertoire of build orders so that opponents of the same race can't share information.

    The player strategies above are based on what I know about game theory, and the final is today, but I'm going to ask my professor to help me develop the model out further. In order for the models to be successful, though, we need information. So, if any of you guys come across information on our opponents: statistics, preferred builds, etc., I can incorporate them into the game theory models to make them specific per team, which could give us an edge. Of course, the models are only there to inform decisions, not make the decisions—that's all on our captain, ZeeLXG.

    Anyway, these are just my thoughts.


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    Thoughts on Team Development Empty Re: Thoughts on Team Development

    Post  NanManLXG on Mon May 14, 2012 11:04 pm

    I really appreciate you taking the time to go over your openings in each match up! I think this is something everyone should be doing! Not only that we should have a lot more team practice.

    Our Defeat in week 1 0-4 is something that Should NEVER happen again this season! I was able to watch some of the games and you guys did play well but there were some mistakes that i'm sure everyone is working on.

    I will be able to be there for the next match to help coach/captain but the final decision are always on Zee on who goes out for each match up.

    One thing I'd like to see is snipers, that was one thing we did have in the Legion Team League that I believe helped out. Of course everyone should post up their openings but also post up your best to worse match ups!

    Tonight would be a great night for practice, I'll be casting the STL match tonight at 9pm EST, but you don't need me to get those custom games going!

    Good Luck preparing for our next match this week! Very Happy

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    Thoughts on Team Development Empty Re: Thoughts on Team Development

    Post  ProfscLXG on Wed May 30, 2012 12:42 am

    Just wanted to update, I'm probably going to be using mech TvZ as my primary now, but my build is susceptible to early rushes and all-ins.

    My other build, my patented 2 rax fake pressure into 1/1/stim/combat shield timing drop needs work.

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    Thoughts on Team Development Empty Re: Thoughts on Team Development

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