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    LXG Open #17 Plat-Diamond 5/31


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    LXG Open #17 Plat-Diamond 5/31 Empty LXG Open #17 Plat-Diamond 5/31

    Post  ParkyLXG on Wed May 30, 2012 1:06 pm

    On Thursday (05/31/12), at 8 EST/5 PST, Team LXG will be hosting LXG Open Platinum-Diamond #17!

    Sign up here:!/tourney/20999

    Catch the livestream here:


    1. Map Pool is:
    Tal’darim Altar LE
    Ohana LE
    MLG Shakuras Plateau
    MLG Antiga Shipyard
    2011 MLG Metalopolis (Author: Bi Dao)
    GSL Bel'Shir Beach (Official)
    GSL Daybreak
    GSL Metropolis
    GSL Entombed Valley
    ESV Cloud Kingdom
    ESV Sanshorn Mist AE

    Each of the MLG maps are authored by MLGMaps, each of the GSL maps are authored by MildCocoA, each of the ESV maps are authored by ESVMaps. You also will be required to play the map on the "Faster" setting and "1v1" setting. If you play on a different version of the map, or not on the correct game speed you will have to recreate and play the right version.

    2. LXG Open Admins will select the map that will be played for every round before each tournament starts. In best of 3 or 5 matches, the admins will select round 1 map. The loser for each game, after that, will
    select the next map to be played out of the map pool. NO REPEATS of a map will be played in a best of 3 or 5 series. Players may only re select a map if they have moved on to a new round.
    Check out the brackets over top of each round; you will see what map you need to start on.

    3. You CANNOT switch your race once you’ve played your first Round 1 match.

    4. Report all scores to Parky or ProfSc. If they are not on; report your scores to any other LXG member that isn’t in a game for the tournament. You can find admins in the Battle Net Chat Channel "LXG Open." All players are expected to join this channel during the tournament.

    5. NO BM! BM will not be accepted, you’ll be warned, if you continue than you will forfeit your game. If you still don’t stop you can expect to be banned from these opens.

    6. There will be NO IN-GAME OBSERVING if you want to watch jump on the stream-
    As always..
    Good Luck and Have Fun!

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    LXG Open #17 Plat-Diamond 5/31 Empty Re: LXG Open #17 Plat-Diamond 5/31

    Post  ProfscLXG on Thu May 31, 2012 9:26 am

    Hey everyone! This week Parky and I want to develop player profiles, so if you could PM me with the following info:

    1. Age.
    2. Where you are from.
    3. How many opens you have played in.
    4. Your division/rank.
    5. Favorite map, favorite sc2 team, favorite pro player/role model, or some other information you'd like to share.

    p.s. Also include your name so I know who you are.

    GL HF!

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    LXG Open #17 Plat-Diamond 5/31 Empty Re: LXG Open #17 Plat-Diamond 5/31

    Post  NanManLXG on Thu May 31, 2012 3:50 pm

    This is a great idea! Very Happy

    Good Luck to everyone playing in the open tonight Smile

    Who knew that explosions of pixels could inspire? | | @TheRealNanMan

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    LXG Open #17 Plat-Diamond 5/31 Empty Re: LXG Open #17 Plat-Diamond 5/31

    Post  ProfscLXG on Fri Jun 01, 2012 10:34 pm

    ProfScLXG's Summary of Final Match

    VOD can be found here (skip to 15:12 for final match).

    Team Divine's eMc vs. PCLoadLetter

    In an exciting series of matches leading up to the finals, DVNeMc and PCLoadLetter demonstrated that they could take down all members of the opposition in convincing macro-oriented, standard, and cheesy scenarios.

    Game 1:

    Map: GSL Daybreak

    Game 1 opened with both players opting for standard ZvP play. eMc took an early expansion to set up for a strong Stephano-style roach build. PCLoadLetter, anticipating this, utilized a sentry/immortal timing push before eMc's macro engine could kick into full gear. After taking down the zerg's third, utilizing both a proxy pylon and warp prism for reinforcements, wave after wave of stalkers and zealots finally overcame the swarm. Game 1 winner: PCLoadLetter

    Game 2:


    Map: Ohana LE

    Following on the heels of Game 1, Team Divine's eMc opts to not employ a Stephano-style roach build, instead choosing a relatively fast mutalisk timing. Unfortunately, a mutalisk timing on three bases is a late-blooming build, allowing PCLoadLetter's sentry/immortal into wave after wave of gateway units timing push to easily mop up eMc's zergling-heavy forces with excellent force fields. Game 2 winner: PCLoadLetter

    Game 3:


    Map: GSL Metropolis

    Game 3 on GSL Metropolis unfolded for PCLoadLetter just like the previous two games, utilizing a sentry/immortal gateway-reinforcement timing push. Team Divine's eMc, despite a spectacular showing in the rest of the tournament, ultimately crumbled in the face of PCLoadLetter's calculated timing attack. Game 3 winner: PCLoadLetter

    Note: To any Protoss players having difficulty with the PvZ match-up, PCLoadLetter, in the subsequent winner's interview revealed that he has not lost with that build due to a lack of zerg responses. This may warrant a deeper look.

    Game 4
    There was no Game 4.

    Game 5
    There was no Game 5.


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    LXG Open #17 Plat-Diamond 5/31 Empty Re: LXG Open #17 Plat-Diamond 5/31

    Post  TheCaptain on Sat Jun 02, 2012 4:10 am

    Awesome write-up ProfSc!

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    LXG Open #17 Plat-Diamond 5/31 Empty Re: LXG Open #17 Plat-Diamond 5/31

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