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    Post  NanManLXG on Thu Jun 07, 2012 3:41 pm


    Welcome one and all to the official introduction of the brand new ALT StarCraft Tournament format! We're happy to announce that we will be extending out $500 tournament to a 64-player double elimination bracket. However, it will now occur bimonthly (every 2 months) instead of monthly. This allows more players to qualify and makes it a lot easier to schedule around larger events so that viewership and player participation does not clash.

    The ALT Gaming League or AGL, is ALT StarCraft's tournament division focused on tournaments that are open to players of all skill levels as our name suggests. We hate the idea of excluding anyone from any tournament for any reason so it seems only logical that we run our tournaments in this fashion.

    The AGL-June will be our first tournament in our new format. All future tournaments will continue to occur on a bimonthly basis. The prize pool is as follows and pays out to the top 4 players. The top 8 players will be brought back for the next AGL tournament.

    $500 spread among the top 4 players:

    1. $350
    2. $100
    3. $25
    4. $25


    Map Pool

    1.ESV ClouD Kingdom

    2.ESV Muspelheim

    3.ESV Ohana

    4.GSL Atlantis Spaceship

    5.GSL Daybreak

    6.GSL Entombed Valley

    7.GSL Metropolis

    8.GSL Whirlwind

    9.MLG Shakuras Plateau

    Tournament Dates and Links
    The 12 remaining qualifier tournaments for June will be played over the next five weeks starting on June 2nd, with three tournaments per week on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. The first 6 will be played on Playhem and the latter 6 along with the AGL will be played on Z33K. The AGL-June will be held on Z33K because of its ability to host double elimination tournaments.

    Playhem Qualifier #3 - Thursday, Jun 07 7:15pm EDT Playhem Qualifier #4 - Saturday, Jun 09 7:15pm EDT Playhem Qualifier #5 - Tuesday, Jun 12 7:15pm EDT Playhem Qualifier #6 - Thursday, Jun 14 7:15pm EDT Z33K Qualifier #1 - Saturday, Jun 16 7:15pm EDT
    Z33K Qualifier #2 - Tuesday, Jun 19 7:15pm EDT
    Z33K Qualifier #3 - Thursday, Jun 21 7:15pm EDT
    Z33K Qualifier #4 - Saturday, Jun 23 7:15pm EDT
    Z33K Qualifier #5 - Tuesday, Jun 26 7:15pm EDT
    Z33K Qualifier #6 - Thursday, Jun 28 7:15pm EDT

    Links to each tournament can be found on the TL thread!

    I know a couple people having be playing in the playhem dailies well why not try and get into this awesome invitational! Very Happy

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