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    A Thank You to Parky and ProfSC


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    A Thank You to Parky and ProfSC Empty A Thank You to Parky and ProfSC

    Post  IdunnoLXG on Fri Jun 15, 2012 8:03 am

    There's very few things I take seriously. I tend to take things in stride and say things, primarily, in jest. However something that I've always felt very passionately about is the LXG Opens.

    I played in LXG Open 1, I think I got third or fourth either way, and I thought to myself what an incredible tournament. These guys care. They want to do things right and are really committed to it. Nan would work hard to create the brackets, caste and make sure everything went smoothly.

    We recently hit an explosion of new people who are joining our tournaments. Three LXG tournaments ago in the platinum-diamond division we saw over 40 people enter into the tournament. Hikari and I modded while Parky and ProfSC did a tremendous job on the cast. Everyone seemed happy.

    Hikari and I fielded many complaints about smurfing. Most were illegitimate when we reviewed the replay and found out it was simply the favorite going into the match being gittery and playing poorly. However we seemed to encounter a lot of complaints particularly from one person named pcloadletter.

    Now we didn't know he was smurfing though we suspected it. Between Hikari and I we received somewhere between 5-10 complaints from different people on this one individual. When we let him play on many became upset.

    This led to people not showing up, our numbers slowly dwindled. We told pcloadletter it was not fair, Hikari particularly took a rigid stance on the issue. I agreed with him, and we asked Parky/ProfSC to ban him.

    However we soon found out that this issue was not over and done with. Another one of his accounts under the guise of SaturnMan began to play in the tournaments. He would dominate, not even dropping a single game, displaying nearly the exact same play style of pcloadletter. I thought nothing of it, althought noticed similarities, and just though that SaturnMan just played the same style. However today, kaboodle, brought up the issue to me. He told me quite frankly, "do you know who SaturnMan is?" When I told him I didn't he said, "pcloadletter."

    I didn't want to believe it at first, however with all the evidence he presented it became increasingly obvious. I messaged ProfSC, he told me to hang on. It was the finals, Parky/ProfSC have been casting for hours on end. They took time, after the first game, to hear out what Kaboodle and I had to say.

    When pcloadletter refused to come on skype and talk, since SaturnMan "didn't have a mic" Parky was convinced. It's not easy stopping a finals match, it could have been very easy to make everything look good at the surface and go along with it and simply deal with it later.

    They didn't, they took the time to actually sit down and get it right. They made a decisive decision, which was particularly hard since pcloadletter helped out Parky with his build, to do what was best for the open. I truly saw a bit of Nanman in them and knew that the LXG Open, although will have its cases of smurfing, will do their best to make things right.

    The LXG tournament is a great event for those who partake. We see professionals play all the time in major tournaments and just watch in awe as tends of thousands watch them. This is our tournament, this is for the common wo/man SC2 player to get casted, feel like a pro and for what night, before they have to go to school/work forget about their troubles and enjoy the game they enjoy watching and playing so much and share it with others.

    It's clear Parky and ProfSC understand that as well as any of us, as tonight was proof, and I would like to thank them for all their hard work and dedication. I know that LXG Opens is in good hands as it should be.

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    A Thank You to Parky and ProfSC Empty Re: A Thank You to Parky and ProfSC

    Post  KaboodleschmittLXG on Fri Jun 15, 2012 8:07 am

    Seconded, absolutely. Well-written, and seconded.

    Fantastic job casting the tourney, and fantastic job handling these smurfing shenanigans, guys.

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