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    LXG Open Bronze - Gold PRIZE


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    LXG Open Bronze - Gold PRIZE Empty LXG Open Bronze - Gold PRIZE

    Post  PandesaLXG on Sun Jul 01, 2012 3:43 am

    Notice: In the past few weeks we've noticed an increased player base for our lower league tournament. One because of casting and the other for the thrill of winning a tournament within their skill level. With that said I'm arranging a deal for the winners so that they have a third reason to play and win it all. - Gem "Hikari" Manicia

    -The Winners of LXG Open Bronze - Gold, very soon,will receive 1 day of coaching from an experienced Master Level coach(FHSPixelated)- .
    -Beta for Smite might also be included.
    - Details about future Prizes will be discussed based on the growth of the tournament.
    - The reason why the prize isn't just straight up money is because I believe that these players will get a drive to get better off of something that helps them do so. Also, we must send a message that Money comes at the top and that you have to work hard to get there. If there were many tournaments that rewarded the lower leagues money, then the plat-grand master and even pro players would feel as if they have been wasting their time training for the grueling tournaments that they have to play.

    That's it that's all I'll probably never have another serious post for a while(this is my first).

    thank you - THE PANDESAL

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