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    Tt eSPORTS Challenge  Empty Tt eSPORTS Challenge

    Post  NanManLXG on Wed Jul 27, 2011 11:24 pm

    I just received this email from Tt eSPORTS

    July 22nd 2011 – The Tt eSPORTS Challenge returns for Starcraft 2 Season Two! If you missed out on the action last season here is your chance to compete for $1,500 in cash! We are keeping the brackets open to every skill level once again, so if you’re looking to take a shot at some of the best in North America this tournament is right up your alley.

    Last season featured live streaming coverage from the likes of Ascend TV, digiWombat, and the cynical brit himself, Total Biscuit! With matches being casted almost every single night of the tournament, the Tt eSPORTS Challenge can feature any match at anytime, so be on your toes when signing up as your match can be casted at random no matter what the round!

    This season’s prize list is the following:

    -1st Place - $750

    -2nd Place - $500

    -3rd Place – $250

    Too hesitant to sign up for the tournament because you’re forever bronze like me? That’s alright I’ve got you covered too! At any point during the tournament broadcasts, our casters can give away a prize! It could be a MEKA G1 Mechanical Keyboard, a Dasher Mouse Pad, a Thermaltake Commander eSPORTS Influenced Computer Case, any selection can be made from our entire product line! Make sure you tune into the live coverage from our broadcasting team!

    Signups are currently open, and close on August 5th so reserve your spot in the fray ASAP @!

    I took part in season 1 and made it to the round of 4 in the Loser bracket for my group. I highly recommend signing up or just checking out the stream for this.


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