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    Post  NanManLXG on Wed Aug 24, 2011 5:35 am

    Hey guys LXG has been talking and we have decided that each week will we release a couple of replays of us playing. Each week will be a minimum of 3 replays from the player.

    Week 1 will be PvZ featuring NanMan.

    This Week in Replays Repimg-33-227952
    I played a practice game with a zerg I met on the ladder (Xeon) recently this was an awesome macro game we had on Tal'darim.

    This Week in Replays Repimg-33-227950
    Epic macro ladder game vs a diamond Zerg on Nerazim crypt. I'm talking split map with crazy tech switches kinda macro game.

    This Week in Replays Repimg-33-227951

    An epic ladder macro game on Backwater Gulch with crazy tech switches...

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