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    Welcome the Newest Members of LXG!


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    Welcome the Newest Members of LXG! Empty Welcome the Newest Members of LXG!

    Post  NanManLXG on Fri Feb 17, 2012 11:14 pm

    This is a repost from the general forum but i figured it should go in here as well.

    To all of our loyal fans:

    Everyone involved first hand with LXG is very thankful to ALL of our fans. Without each and every one of you, we would and could not exist. 2011 was a great year for eSports and LXG, we got our opens running on a regular schedule as well as recruited more members.

    2012 is going to be bigger and better than last year and to start things off right, LXG is officially adding two very talented community members to the team. Both of these members have not only helped out a lot with LXG events but have been working non stop to bring their games to the highest level.

    LXG is proud to name our two newest members to the team:

    Nemesys and DaySix

    Not only are both of these players top level(Masters), but they have also been strong contributors in the SC2/LXG community for quite some time. When decision time came to who would be LXG's second recruited members... it was a no brainer.

    Be sure to congratulate both Nemesys and DaySix!

    Also, keep an eye out for more exciting news from LXG!

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