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    Tournaments for Beginners! (aka not masters)


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    Tournaments for Beginners! (aka not masters)

    Post  ZeeLXG on Thu Sep 08, 2011 9:45 pm

    I have recently been taking part in more and more Starcraft 2 tournaments! Most of the tournaments I have been doing are for Platinum players and lower. The two main websites I use are:

    CiG Tournaments --->

    Playhem Tournaments --->!/tourneys

    On these awesome websites there are tournaments for every league (Bronze, Gold, Masters, etc.) and there is about one to two tournaments for your specific league each week.
    Some of these tournaments have prizes such as 1 hour of coaching from a pro for the winner, or even cash prizes for the winner. Exclamation (Btw these tournaments are free to sign up for)

    A tournament that I participated in last night (CiG Platinum XI), there was a cash prize for first place. I got to the RO4! And had to face up against a top 8 Platinum Protoss player. Sadly I got rolled but the thrill and excitement of getting to the RO4 and getting one step closer to a cash prize was worth the hour or two I spent playing in the tournament! cheers

    I recommend everyone to check out some of these websites and post up other tournaments they know about/participate in! Just sign up for a tournament some time and give it a try, you never know how well you do until you try! Plus what's the harm? The tournaments are free! Very Happy



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