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    ProfScLXG's All-In Replay Pack


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    ProfScLXG's All-In Replay Pack Empty ProfScLXG's All-In Replay Pack

    Post  ProfscLXG on Thu Jul 05, 2012 8:11 am

    TvT got you down? Tired of losing to cloakshees/marine+hellions/fast siege tanks/mid-game macro TvT?

    Look no further! This is the first in the set of replays that I will post here regularly, refining my BC and Thor rushes. Did you know you can get a 6 minute Thor? Well, I haven't gotten to that point yet—still working on some things, but a Thor rush is still pretty scary to deal with at 7 minutes.

    In this set of replays, you will find a combination of all-in builds utilizing the most powerful weapons of the Terran arsenal: Thors and Battlecruisers. With the prevalence of marine/hellion-centric openings, 1-base Thor and BC builds can be absolutely devastating. I'm also not sure if there are any losses here, but if there are, you'll know about how to NOT all-in.


    Slightly Faster Execution + A Little BM from my opponent:

    Beating Hellions into Cloakshees:

    Update: The factory does not need to be placed perfectly:[list=1][*]

    Update: Try to clear towers before sending the SCVs

    Update: First win vs. master, with master-level BM

    Update: Returning to the concept that the factory does not need to be perfectly positioned, in order to avoid scouting on some maps, you can place it anywhere as long as its flight distance time + tech lab construction time < time it takes to build armory.

    On Antiga vs. Master:

    This was the first terran I hit on ladder... Poor him. Anyway, failed thor rush into EPICNESS!

    A big thank you to ParkyLXG for casting this on youtube (I know that people have had trouble DLing it):

    This is when you know you're doing it right:
    ProfScLXG's All-In Replay Pack Screen26

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    ProfScLXG's All-In Replay Pack Empty Re: ProfScLXG's All-In Replay Pack

    Post  TheCaptain on Wed Jul 11, 2012 9:29 am

    Yes, just what Terrans needed...more all-ins. Razz

    Still, some awesome builds, way to represent ProfSc!

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