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    Make a difference in BNET name change support!


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    Make a difference in BNET name change support!

    Post  NanManLXG on Tue Sep 13, 2011 6:23 am

    leave a comment and show your support
    Foreword: My name is Jake "Sev" Ganz, the leader and manager of the growing team DeadMachine, working on sending some of my players to events like MLG Orlando, MLG Providence and other future competitive events. I, like many managers, want my players to be able to wear the clan's tag in order to represent the team, but like many other cases, many of my players do not have their free name change.

    Being aware of World of Warcraft paid account name changes and the clantag support of, for example, Warcraft 3, one may wonder why Starcraft II does not support either one of these features. There's been a "COMING SOON" line for a second name change for over nine months now. With all of this in mind, I decided to inquire and call Blizzard's customer service myself.

    After asking a few questions, I was informed that no support for paid name changes or clantag support is currently in the works. Contrary to the hopeful message in our account profiles, it is not coming soon. I was also met with the revelation that this is because there are not enough people expressing a desire to make this happen. Finally, I was told that the World of Warcraft paid name change support came about from the community asking for it and showing a noticeable desire to have it done, and was given the suggestion to make a thread about it specifically in the Multiplayer and ESports forum, and get people to give their opinion on it.

    What does this mean? We need to be more vocal about it. If you want Blizzard to add a feature allowing players to change their character name for the same cost as in WoW, post in this thread and tell us what you think! If you really want it, like this post. Smile

    Not only would this be far more convenient, but the economical difference it will would have for both the players and Blizzard itself would be a massive improvement over the current drag of having to pay for a new account entirely, which most people are not willing to do.

    Voice enough of your opinions on this, and hopefully, we can persuade Blizzard to implement this even as soon as Patch 1.4!

    edit: also for the record, the conversation was entirely over the phone. i apologize that i didn't think to record it. sorry!

    edit #2: we're #1 on screddit! thanks to everyone who helped make this possible in promoting it, especially Desrow and Thundertoss.

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    Re: Make a difference in BNET name change support!

    Post  ZeeLXG on Wed Sep 14, 2011 12:54 am

    gahhh clan tags and stuff would make things soooo much better... xD and it can't be that hard to program it in >.>
    same goes for paid name changes! it really wouldn't be that hard to add in i bet...
    blizzard is slacking haha



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